Friday, May 7

Twenty Five Cents Worth

In the early days of logging in our area, one gentleman from this neck of the woods cut his first logs, made his first raft, and proudly sailed it into Beattyville, which was the nearest point for a market at that time. After selling his logs, which maybe brought him $100, he felt very rich with that much money in his pockets, I would be afraid to guess what that raft would have brought today. The gentleman decided to see the city of Beatyville. Not knowing his way around, he hired himself a small boy about twelve years old to show him the sights. At that time of course Beattyville was some what of an extraordinary place, compared to the section this old gentleman came from. The kid, being educated in the ways of the city life, immediately guided his new found friend into a grocery or combination store of all types of merchandise. First thing that caught the eye of the gentleman was a stalk of bananas. He inquired about them, then said. "Give me twenty five cents worth." The kid spoke up and said, "You don't need that many, you will get ten or twelve." Nevertheless, the old gentleman stuck with his original order. They strolled over to the city square which was the court house where the kid showed him how to peel the bananas. The gentleman said "Son, you can have the core", then the man proceeded to eat all the peelings. I understand that kid watched for years to see if another raft ever drifted into Beattyville such as this one.

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  1. My friend, Billie, worked in her dad's store on Main St. and she tells the ale about this panhandler coming into the store almost daily asking "Give me five cents worth of pimento cheese, and don't cheat me now". She is good at telling things as it was spoken and this fellow sported a nice handlebar mustache and smoked from a long handle that held his cigarette. A dude fer shore but he always wants a nickles worth and no more.

    I always waited for Uncle Matt to come from his morning venture down to the Courthouse Square to catch up on what was happening cause he would bring me a penny's worth of chocolate kisses...get this folks, a penny's worth and I got five (5) kisses. My what the passing of time hath wrought.