Wednesday, May 5

Mrs. Clarence Nunn and her husband run a little pressing shop down Taxi Alley, being right handy for me. She does all sewing, mending, and patching my clothes. In the older days they use to have what we called Bachelor Buttons. Today it is zip this and zip that. On a few occasions I have had my troubles with this zip zip business.

With Spring in the air, I am sure that you have noticed the song birds about the place, such as Robins, Wrens and other types of song birds that have been missed for so many cold winter months. Now that they have come back to raise their young, I would urge you to help them in every way possible. 1958

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  1. I love the pic you have showing Taxi Alley, Fullers, etc. but most of all what caught my eye was the open window over Fullers and it brought back a good memory of my buddy, Pap Ward. All was missing was him standing looking out over his little hamlet with a cigarette hanging from his lip. This is I think the last I remember seeing Pap was him standing in this window. Precious memories, how they linger.