Wednesday, May 12

Ideal Furniture Company

In Hazard there is a store that offers the citizens of the town and all throughout this section one of the most varied and dependable stocks to be found anywhere. We're referring to the Ideal Furniture Company of which W. E. Mattingly is secretary - treasurer and manager. The motto, "More goods for the same money, and the same goods for less money" would seem to be especially appropriate here, while the stock is so replete that any one's wish can be gratified in price, design and style. There is not a larger, nor more artistic line of furniture carried in stock by any dealer in southeastern Kentucky than this firm is featuring at this time. It is through such an assortment that you will be able to put your best foot foremost, express the personality of your home, and welcome your friends.

The facilities employed by the Ideal Furniture Company in furnishing and beautifying the home, and the kind, considerate methods accorded patrons should be appreciated by the citizens of Hazard and Perry County. Even the earliest customers continue their patronage and recommend the Ideal Furniture to their friends. It has always been a favorite place for newlyweds to feather their nests.

Other lines handled are beds, springs, mattresses, bed outfits of all kinds, window shades, carpets, rugs, druggets, floor lamps, etc; also the Wernicke-Globe sectional book cases. This is also the home to the Hoosier kitchen cabinet, the greatest cabinet in the world. Not only does it save the housewife thousands of steps in the course of a day, but it is the national food conserver. The Hoosier will pay for itself in a few month's time in the conservation of food products alone. Other distinctive and high-class lines at Ideal Furniture are the Columbia Grafonola and records, the Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph, sheet music, and H & W Paint and varnish, musical instruments of all kinds including the banjo, guitar, ukulele, violin, etc. 1920

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