Monday, March 2

1942 ... The Sweet Shop is located on the left of the Virginia Theater entrance. You can buy Cokes and popcorn and take them into the theater. If you are inside the theater the ticket girl will let you go out and buy something and then let you return. Everybody knows each other. The Virginia Theater has a balcony that is divided, white on one side and black on the other. No blacks ever sit in the main theater. The Family Theater has a Midnight Show on Saturday night. It starts about 11:00 pm. Usually four or five of us kids will go together for security, maybe once a month. It is always monster movies - Frankenstein, Dracula, or Wolf Man. I don't think those are too scary, but some of the others are. The Cat People and the Human Monster are very creepy. We all stay close together on the way home. A woman was recently murdered on Baker Hill which is on everyone's minds. We enjoy the funny guys like Abbott & Costello, Red Skelton, Laurel & Hardy, etc. The adventure and war movies are great, but the Westerns are our favorite. We realize the cowboy with the white horse or the white hat, or a shiny nickel plated Colt and a fancy rig is always the good guy. Tex Ritter, Bob Steel, Don Red Barry, Bill Elliot, Johnny Mack Brown are our heroes. After seeing the horse opera movies at both theaters, we go home and grab our cap pistols and become cowboys ourselves. There is just something about the horses and the guns and the excitement. Everything in the Westerns are black & white, good or bad, and the good guys always win and the bad guys always lose, always. The new full length cartoon movies are big hits. Snow White, Pinocchio, Gulliver's Travels, etc. Errol Flynn's Robin Hood is big. Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford in Gilda. Alan Ladd & Veronica Lake are sensational. I think at one time or the other, I've been in love with every movie actress on the screen. Be sure to click on the image to get a close up view of the Virginia Theater.

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  1. I had my first brilled cheese sandwich at the Sweet Shop. My aunt and my grandparets took me there. My grandmother fried everything, and I didn't eat much. My aunt suggested I try a grilled cheese. It was so delicious I ordered two more! How old was I? Maybe 10 or 11. What year? Maybe 1945 or 1946? Those sandwiches were marvelous! There was never a bigger crowd at the Virginia Theater than when Howard Hugh's "The Outlaw" came to town. I was still very young and was the smallest person in the pushing and shoving crowd that gathered in front of the ticket office. I thought I would be crushed to death before I could get inside. Everyone, it seemed, was there to see Jane Russel! I had no idea what the movie was about. I just came to see Billy the Kid. Young and impressionable! - I still remember the scene where Jane Russel dropped her dress! I thought she was a good person to help Billy get well!