Tuesday, March 24

Part 10 ... I was home in Aikin, Minnesota only a few days when I got a letter from the owner of the Paintsville radio station. Now what? I opened the letter and inside was a check for two weeks salary and a short note to me I had been terminated - fired. I sure they felt since I was a thousand miles away that would be the last they would see of me. Since I had left without all my things I had to go back and get them. I packed up my few belongings in Paintsville and again made it back to Minnesota. I hadn't been home but a few days when I got my orders to report for my draft physical. I was drafted into the Army during the Korean War and was stationed in Camp Rucker Alabama for two years. When I came out I had been out of radio for 2 and half years and decided on another career. I went to work for Prudential Insurance Company in Minneapolis in 1953 and stayed on for 35 years. I married a home town girl and we have three boys and a girl. We have five grandchildren. In 1988 we built a home on Sugar Lake in northern Minnesota. In the winter we go to St. Augustine, Florida where we have a condo on the ocean so we have the best of both worlds - Sugar Lake in the summer and St. Augustine in the winter. Although it's been over 60 years I think of WKIC in Hazard with very fond memories.

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