Thursday, March 26

Return to Hazard ... In July of 2006 my son was about to make a delivery in his truck to one of his regular stops just outside of Hazard. Since I was retired and didn't have too much going on I decided to go with him to make one last trip to Hazard. We started early one morning and the next afternoon we had arrived. I had been in touch with the station so they knew we were coming. After getting turned around and not knowing where we were I finally called the station and Shane Sparkman with WKIC and WSGS came and found us. (Can you imagine getting lost in Hazard?). We followed Shane and when we got to Main Street every thing looked familiar to me - even after almost 60 years. Shane had everything planned out for us and when we got to the station he had us wait just outside the studio and he soon came back with a lady who he introduced as Norma Strong. She was Charley Metcalf's typist when I was there and she typed up the daily log and commercials for WKIC. From there we went in and met with Ernest Sparkman who I only knew by his nickname, String. I never could call him Ernest. Shane had some old tapes that he played of myself, Hugh Dunbar, String and George Davis. I knew that the original studios were gone as they had been ruined by one of the floods in the 50's but I did want to see what was left if anything.

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