Sunday, March 22

Part 9 ... There wasn't much to do in Paintsville - the movies and drug store for Cokes but not much else. Work was going ok except for a run-in with the program director at the Paintsville radio station. He made a couple of remarks about one of my shows and he and I had words but I promptly forgot about it; he didn't. I hadn't been home in Minnesota in over two years so I asked for two weeks vacation in mid-May. My idea was to leave work on Friday and be home on Sunday for Mother's Day. I only told my sisters the plan so it would be a surprise for my parents. I had them arrange to have a Mother's Day dinner at our house and I'd be there by noon. I left Paintsville at 11:00 and planned to drive straight through. I didn't get too far and had car trouble that delayed me several hours. I was in Wisconsin some time Saturday night and stopped at a drive-in. I had now been up 40 some hours and still had 6 hours to Minneapolis. I planned on staying overnight with my cousin and go on to Aitkin the next day. I had a sandwich and coffee and the waitress asked how far I was going. When I said Minneapolis she said, "You'll never make it." She talked me into taking an hour nap in the car and told me she'd wake me. I didn't really sleep but I did rest. True to her word she came to the car and I was on my way again. I got to Minneapolis around one Sunday morning. I drove to Aitkin the next morning. When I got to the house everyone was there and my mother was in the kitchen at the stove with her back to the door so she didn't see me come in. I walked up behind her and said "What's for desert, Mom?" (I never did ask what was for dinner. It was always what's for desert). She just stood there for the longest time and then we hugged and cried. This was Mother's Day 1950.

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