Tuesday, March 31

The coming of spring means clean-up time in more ways than one. Many of you will be cleaning up yards, gardens & others fields & painting, house cleaning, scrubbing, pruning, and so many versions of clean up. Folks, when the sap starts up in the trees sure as you are born it starts in humans also. Did you ever watch a few warm days in a row and see what a change comes over people. A few days ago I asked a son about his father over at Big Creek way who was around 82 years young; it was pretty chilly that day. I figured he would be whittling around the fire maybe. No, by granny, his boy told me he left his dad grubbing in new ground. How ‘bout that? What do you think you will be doing at 82? This is a fine example of what we can do if is the good Lord’s will. So start now thinking of your town and county and what you should do to improve it this spring. Clean up our riverbanks, highways, streets, take a little pride in your community.

It is the time of year when our thoughts drift toward the flowers, trees, bees, and other objects of nature. The bees must have started on their stinging spree early. Have you noticed all the marriage licensees being issued in Hazard? Come rain, flood, storm or what have you, that love bug continues to dominate them all. Congratulations to you Shirley Martin and your bride Sissy. It’s hard to think of this gal as being the same one that I use to tuck into a mail pouch; more power to you all. That was a long time ago.

Mr. Brewer, the milkman from out Bulan way, says he doesn’t know what is the matter with the younger generation. He just can’t understand anyone not knowing all the old -time sayings. He said that he went into a service station a few days ago and asked the young man there if he could use his privey. He got a reply back, “haven’t got any.” He said, “can you imagine anyone not knowing that?” I will agree with him.

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  1. I remember seeing articles from Roscoe in the Hazard Herald when I was young. I'm glad some of them have been saved. They are a great little slice of small town Americana.