Thursday, March 26

We went outside and proceeded to the stairway to the old studios in the basement of the bank. As soon as I entered the stairway and started down it was almost like I was that 19 year old kid again. Just inside the door was where the Coke machine used to stand where I always got a bottle before my shift. I opened up at least once a week and it was always that Coke and a cigarette for breakfast. When we were there the whole basement was being remodeled to be used as a lunch room for the People's Bank. As we wandered down the hall "String" and I would point out where things were when we were there. We spent many hours in those studios in the early days of WKIC. He was a singer who had a early morning show when I worked there in the late 1940s. Although the walls were no longer there, we could visualize the old studios. Liz Warren was the receptionist and the first person you met when you came in. The main studio was on the right and at the end of the hall was Fred Bullard's office. Next to Fred was Dick Goodlette's office and then Charlie Metcalf's. To the left at the end of the hall was the news directors office - Paul Combs. The teletype machine was here. Then there was the small studio just large enough for one person To the right was the control room. This is where I spent all my time. I usually worked the afternoon shift which included the Singing Miner , the Man on the Street program with Hugh Dunbar, Queen For A Day, Downbeat With Don and the 1340 Club.


  1. Your pictures and narratives are fresh and familiar to many. Keep up the good work!

  2. I proudly remember the Singing Miner and the great radio station WKIC. We looked foreward at 9:15 each morning to hear him sing. The late 40's and early 50's were wonderful times in southeastern Ky.