Thursday, March 26

Part 12 ... Bobby Davis Memorial Park was one of the first places I visited when I came to Hazard in 1948. It had a lot of tan colored stone work and a swimming pool with changing rooms for men and women. There was a wall by the main building that contained the names of all the Perry county boys who were killed in WW II. I remember I was invited to a graduation party that a number of the parents had for their graduates at the park. It was a grand affair with Chinese lanterns all around the outside of the pool area. The tables were elegantly set and there was a small band playing. There were black waiters all dressed in white jackets.

In 1973 my wife and I and another couple took a trip to Nashville to see the Grand ole Opry and as a side trip we came through Hazard. We stayed up on the mountain at La Citadelle Motel. Coming down from the motel I recognized the entrance to the park and I had them stop so I could get out. The park was such a source of pride when I was there.

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