Thursday, March 5

Nothing can be more pleasant to the ears than the sound of beautiful music, and our little town really puts the icing on the cake. Every day melodic sounds come from the chimes that are atop the Methodist Church on High Street. Every day when the old clock nears 5:00 p.m., all at once people hurrying here and there stop when they hear the sound of what I like to call, the ringing of the bells. After a day’s work is over and you’re tired to the bone, an old song lifts up the spirits as your steps get lighter as you sing along with Rock of Ages, Bless Be The Tie That Binds or Sweet Hour of Prayer. The sound of a good old hymn is so healing to the mind, and your cares seem to vanish at this precise time every day. The Methodist Church is the home of these chimes and sometimes people just pull over and park on High Street at the Church, I suppose to be nearer the hallowed place that send forth these soothing strains. Myself when the sound of the bells from the Methodist Church ring out, it is just like clockwork, for I know when the chimes play, it is time for my play to end, and as always, I start my descent down the hill singing along with the chimes, and a young girl doesn’t have too many troubles, but amidst the toil and trouble and cares of every day, I know it is a blessing to hear these chimes ring out from atop Hazard’s Methodist Church.Precious Memories, one of a kind.

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