Wednesday, April 1

Now that was good stuff ...

I remember the old Bakery in Big-bottom. My buddy and I usually paid it a visit on Saturday morning. We loved those big glazed donuts for a nickle a piece. Some times, if we timed it just right, the baker would sell us a 10 cent fresh loaf of bread right out of the oven. We would tear the end off the loaf and reach down in there and get a handful of hot bread. Now that was good stuff.From there we walked on up to the Dr. Pepper plant. My friend's Dad was the manager. He would give us each a free bottle of Dr. Pepper. It wasn't cold but it was still good. After that we would probably end up at the lower Broadway school playground and play marbles or stick ball the rest of the day.


  1. I love Sonny Watts' comments. I've been there, done that, time and time again and would love to just be able to do it again. I didn't know back then how many times in the years to follow I could smell the fresh bread scent carried from the bakery around Big Bottom, especially our porch right behind the bakery. Like him, I loved the hot donuts and there are two still living there in Hazard that made those donuts, two of my cousins are still in the Hazard area. One of the clerks is still alive and living there on Cornell Avenue, my good friend, Zoe Draughn, she was Zoe Baugh then. My cousins are Ralph Miniard, Jr. and Glynna Sue Richie. Ralph (G.I. to me) would let me take a hot donut right off the rack and dip it down into the deep, deep tub or barrel of yummy glaze.

    The Dr. Pepper Plant was one of my stops every day when I would come in from school and ride my bike around Big Bottom. I always got a free Dr. Pepper also, not every day, but almost. I guess I looked thirsty sitting there on my bike and looking longingly into the window watching the workers inside. I also did the same thing at Mr. Combs' Double Cola Plant, which was right in front of our house.

  2. Sonny's made a rumbley in my tumbley, for long ago goodies that were so much a part of my life.

  3. Did you ever eat a half dozen before you could stop yourself? Oh, what a stomach ache! I'd do it over again if I had a chance.