Wednesday, April 22

Main Street, Hazard

I can recall when I was just a small chunk of a boy, my mother would take me down to Charles Petrey’s store on Main Street in Hazard to supply my needs with Brogan shoes and overalls. I can recall how nice they were to us kids while they were trying to fit us.

C. F. Brock opened the nearest thing that we kids would have called a 5 and 10 cent store. It was located in the Boggs Building on High Street, behind the court house from 1921 until 1931. As I recall it was named the Hazard Variety Store. Well I can remember the days and hours that I wandered through his store, wishing I had some money to buy some of the products he had. It was a great store for us kids. Folks, time rolls on. I realize time changes many of us. I would like to see something come up that could make our younger generation realize that they are also going to change in time. The old master above hasn’t given any of us any special privileges.

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  1. Yes, Roscoe, I, too, wish that the next generation would stop and ponder instead of poking fun at older people they would have a forethought, "Hey, as he is now, I will be too one of these days.." but you know they don't take time to use the mind God gave them, nor the talents, because they have it all worked out for them, just get answers by pushing buttons, etc. The days of using the "brain" is about past. Hope you all agree?