Thursday, April 30

Style Parade

Did you ever realize what would happen to a man trying to write something about what our women should wear, regardless if it was on a fishing trip, to a dance, or to church?

When’s the last time you looked at the most beautiful, popular girl in school—the one who always looks stylish and put-together—and said to yourself, “Gee, she’d look great in a potato sack?" While it is true that beauty comes from the inside, everyone wants to look good on the outside.

Most of you that have asked me to express my opinion in regard to the Sack dresses as you call them, have been somewhat above the teenage group. Far be it from me to enter into the style parade. As far as I am concerned the Sack Dresses are for you that like them. We men have no choice in the matter. I judge that some of you can wear them, and maybe some of you can’t. I would say your size and age would have a lot to do with it. No doubt one dress of this type maybe could not have been too fitting for you, where it could have been for others. I don’t care if the women wear overalls, slacks, or whatever name you want to call them. Regardless if it is sacks, slacks, overalls, coveralls, or whatever it might be. ...1958

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  1. You know I remember when parts of a female's attire was made possibly out of flour sacks. I never had them but I knew those that did and they were fixed with lace, embroidery, etc. and the sacks were carefully bleached out to make the writing thereon paler and then they would dye them, add the lace, and other personal touches and believe me they didn't look that bad. Just take a look at that Idaho potato sack there on the site, look what a little ingenuity did for that outfit. Somewhere in my old trunk I have a flour sack that I have saved for many years and my aim was to put it in a frame behind a glass and hang it on my wall. That never did come to pass so he lies hidden somewhere with a lot of my other memories from the past.