Tuesday, April 14

Anything But The Truth

Each day you can notice the works of Mother Nature gradually putting on her new dress of bright green, with a few early flowers poking their heads up here and there. The old timers always say that when Easter is over you can look for pretty weather from there on. I hardly agree with them this time as it has gotten pretty snappy in the few days since Easter ... never the less, it won’t be long.

There’s an old saying - you can always hear anything but the truth and meat a frying around a barber shop; I'm beginning to think that’s so. The other morning I heard some talk that went like this: Johnny Melton said he noticed tomatoes blooming, Dewey Daniel remarked he had seen a snake crawl across the road, and Ed Combs said he saw cherries and apples turning. Everybody in the shop had their eyes focused on their conversation. Knowing these fellows like I do I can understand them because they are lovers of the outdoors. They are just rushing the season along a little. No harm done in that. Many of us get “teched” in the head at this time of year.

These boys with the cedar sticks you notice sitting around the court house square, bickering for a shady spot to discuss the laws of our land, the happenings of years ago, forcasting the elections, giving Russia pure hell and damnation, and yes, also discussing the Bible. Don't be misled about what these old timers know about the Bible. You can quick get an argument started on this lately. I always walk by this crowd on my way to the Post Office. Have noticed one of them comes by and sharpens his knife about every morning except Wednesdays. I asked him about missing this one day. Have learned that this is wash day. It seems that even at his age he is still under petticoat government, no names mentioned.


  1. Great picture. I see Bill and Carson in their natural habitat. Two fine men long gone. Yep, the barber shop is much like the beauty shop, you can hear anything and everything if you keep your eyes and ears peeled. The things you learn while under the hair dryer could fill a book. Hee Hee. I loved the use of the word "tetched". Oh, I grew up on that one.

    About the whittling at the Courthouse Square. Mercy, it was almost impossible to mull through the whittlers without getting "ambeer" spit at you or around you. They never took their eyes off of the piece of wood, so they couldn't keep focused on what was coming out of their mouth, spit wise. I learned the hard way after I came back from lunch one day and had to take my sandals off to wash between my toes. Oh, for the good ole days, ambeer and all.

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