Saturday, April 18

Little Buggers

Parents, few days ago I was driving home from the other end of the state, believe me it was one of those hot days. I stopped at a service station that sold other items than gas, such as hot dogs and etc. After getting my car serviced, and a sandwich under by belt, I get in my car, step on the starter but there was just a steady grind, the motor wouldn't start. You know with these new fangled cars that have automatic chokes - cold and hot weather will effect them I am sure. There was a car parked within two feet of me that had about five bright-eyed youngsters ranging from the ages of seven to ten in it, along with their parents I took for granted. After grinding on the starter several times and the motor didn’t start, the little buggers started sticking their heads out the windows, offering such remarks as,“Mr. Why don’t you turn on the key, Mr. Why don’t you put some gas in it, Mr. Why don’t you trade it in." I didn’t mean to give any of the kids a hard look. I wanted to draw the attention of their parents, which I didn’t do because they were too involved in talking about some of their neighbors. I thought about what can we expect from children when their parents are so rapped up in such petty things as to forget their kids. When finally my jalopy started and I drove off, I got to thinking to the neighborhood where I lived. I thought of George Feltner’s kids, Glenn Maggards, Farmer Brashear, the Chelgren kids, the Roll kids, the Benton's, the Edwards, and many more kids that I know. I said to myself, Roscoe, you realize that you are living in a good neighborhood. Folks, my hide wouldn’t have held shucks if I had made any kind of remarks to a stranger, unless it had been for something that would have helped him on his way. Sometimes I wonder what is happening to parents that are raising children. Yes, children that will take the place of their parents that never hears their voices or ever heeds the voices that some day might be destined to guide other generations of kids that are following close behind them. I often wonder if the future means anything to so many people. Just suppose that our forefathers had never looked ahead to the future. What would have happened to so many of us if they had not planned for the future?

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  1. I checked the `Hazard Glory Years' blog and read Roscoe's story about unmannerly kids and their unheeding parents. Roscoe's ears must have been really busy. He not only heard what the kids were calling to him (interesting that there was apparently no cursing involved) but also knew that the parents were gossiping about their friends. I agree that the parents should have told their kids to `shut up' but being a `wise---' goes with that age group, always did and always will. Unfortunately, gossiping about ones acquaintances goes with the other age group and probably always will. I'll bet Roscoe had his car checked out before he took another trip!