Wednesday, April 1

New Calendar Leaf

I am sure you were glad to turn over a new calendar leaf this month with the coming of April. You can see a few signs of spring already cropping up. Several mornings ago, when it was still very cold, I heard my wife excitedly calling me. I ran into a back room; she pointed out a large red bird fluttering against the window and pecking the glass. We watched him for sometime. I remembered some seed I had for this very purpose. I placed some on the windowsill and he immediately went to work on it. I noticed he had his mate along with him but she wasn’t as brave as he. She would take her seeds off the ground where we had placed them. He is back regular every morning. If we don’t come at once he really flutters against the window hard. I would say he is a smart bird at that. I feel that it is a sure sign that spring is here.

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