Sunday, April 19

Idy Limits

We started back from Harlan and started up Pine Mountain, and got about 3/4 of the way to the top (on the Cumberland Side); all at once something or other with one big bright light appeared out of nowhere in the sky above us; it was pitch dark otherwise and my husband was trying to determine what it was and where it had come from; it was directly above us in the sky, sort of hovering; Tom, trying to determine if it was harmless or not, decided and said, "Here is a wide spot and I am going to pull off to try and get a better look at it. When the car stopped we all got out and began looking and pointing at what we were seeing above us; when we did that in the twinkling of an eye it vanished as quickly as it appeared.As it got closer to our car following us up the mountain the light became brighter and prevented us from seeing the shape of what it was. However, we did make out that the light when we first saw it was about the size of a baseball, then it got to the size of a softball, and it kept changing sizes as it got closer. At first we thought it was a bright star, but it didn't take long for us to decide it was not a star. We had heard about UFO's and of course that is what we thought was following us.We watched the news and me working as I was kept an ear for anything that might have been an answer to what we had seen that night. Nothing was ever mentioned about a mysterious light, and so we have always come to a conclusion that it was for our eyes only evidently, and I still would like to know what it had in mind but that is still the mystery. We often thereafter wondered what would have happened if we had not got out of the car and made whatever it was aware that we were watching it as it was watching us. Needless to say, and my husband will tell you, it scared him to death. It didn't do much for me either but the kids were very excited and we had a hard time getting through to him they were not to tell about this incident that night. We still talk about it and wonder, but that mystery is one that cannot be solved I reckon.


  1. From your story one gets the feeling that you are a true believer. Be careful! Any day now they may take you up into the ship!

  2. idy.
    as always i love your tales,but disagree tho james, oh she is a true believer, just not the area 51 variety
    charlie`s boy