Thursday, April 16

Short Shorts

Few days ago I was on my way to the Post Office, passing the Court House Square. As you may know many of our old timers linger around there three to five minutes out of every day. I met a man and a lady. I guessed it to be his wife wearing shorts, as this one old gentleman expressed his thoughts. I will not mention any names. He called them “the shortest britches he had ever seen.” He called to me, “Did you see that?” I assured him I did.

A few days ago a gentleman came into the Davis Brothers Store on Main Street. He started talking about hen pecked husbands, he stated, “You know Roscoe, I guess without a doubt I am the world’s worst.” He also said he would prefer a quick death to a long drawn out one. He stated that he used to want to choke every man to death that made a statement in regard to what his wife had for him to do when he arrived home from work. He turned around and started out the door. I called to him and asked him if it would be alright to use his name in this blog. He immediately replied, “damn you, I have been talking too much.” So maybe this is the way that a lot of you so called Hen Pecked Husbands feel. I am confident he is doing alright as he started out the door he turned and said, “I will choke the living day lights out of you.” Confident he would do that very thing is the reason no names have been mentioned.

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