Monday, February 14

Crowded Streets

Hazard - center of the Hazard Coal Fields - a city with narrow streets crowded with people. Yes, that just about describes Hazard, but behind that scene of people crowding about the streets to shop are citizens who are not taking the opportunity to make Hazard one of the really large cities of Kentucky.

In 1910 the population of Hazard was around 1,000. In 1920 the town had increased to over four thousand. Then in 1930 the population was over seven thousand. But - in 1940 the Census reports showed a gain of only some three hundred persons. Will it be that way in 1950?

New factories are being built throughout Kentucky. Is anyone trying to secure a new factory for our city?

Some argue there is no nearby place to build a factory. Obviously they have not seen the large area of land across from the airport. 1945

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