Wednesday, February 9

Run For The Shower Stall

Rex Stacy, one of my childhood buddies at Vicco, has decided I need a little ribbing. So, he ambled in the other day with a little yarn he wrote. Here it is for what its worth:"As I take typewriter under hand, it is with humor in my heart that I recall growing up in the Vicco area and remember funny situations that took place there and elsewhere. One of the "elsewhere" incidents took place during the 1953-54 Kentucky High School basketball tournament at Lexington, Kentucky. As you no doubt recall, this is the year Dilce Combs went to the state tournament.

"As I recall, you and Dacker Combs were members of the team up until the tournament and were under suspension and did not get to make the trip to the state tournament with the team. But wait. All was not lost yet for the Courier-Journal had a pick the "Sweet Sixteen" contest and who was destined to win that year? An entry submitted by Kenneth Paul Mink (not in your name, as that entry lost) in the name of a cousin. The cousin was not able to make the trip but his delegated guest, none other than Kenneth Paul Mink, did make the trip. All he had to do was sign the tab for meals and room at the now defunct Kentucky Hotel. And being the kindly soul that you are, you remembered your friends and buddies from Vicco, Dacker Combs and Rex Stacy.

"As you know, it is generally proper to "tip" the bell boy for room service. Toward the end of the stay at the hotel, you ordered a case of pop, twenty-four ham sandwiches and two dozen potato chips for us to snack on after the dining room closed for the night. After placing the order it was discovered that none of us had any change or paper money less than a five dollar bill and to three young boys from Vicco five dollars represented a small fortune.

"About the same time we made our discovery about our money, the bell boy knocked upon the door. Dacker ran for the closet, you (Kenneth Paul Mink) ran for the shower stall, fully clothed, and pulled the curtain closed. I was left to answer the door. (Oh, what was I going to do?) Upon opening the door the bell boy handed me a bill to sign. I asked, "What is this for?" and he said the Courier-Journal had to have a bill for each order signed by Kenneth Paul Mink. I knew right then we were in trouble. The only thing left to do was open the bath room door (to make things worse, the bell boy could see the shower from where he stood), and call out to you to come sign the ticket. So fully clothed, shoes and all, you walked out of the shower to sign the bill."

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  1. Growing up I have heard a lot of tales of the Vicco boys, Paul Minks, Dacker Combs(my Dad) and Rex Stacy. You should write a book.