Friday, February 25

Window Shopping 50 Years Ago

Hi! Glad to have you with us again. The weather has changed from cold and snowy to sunny and warm which makes Window Shopping this week even more fun. Join us as we tell you what we see in the windows of businesses on Main Street in Hazard in 1961.

A few of the stores are decorating their windows with new Spring clothes. We saw a child's dress in the window of Watson's Department Store. It's aqua and white checks, with an organdy covered skirt.

For the little boys, the Hazard Bargain Store has a suit in the window that consists of gray slacks, pink checked shirt and gray bow tie.

On down the street, we stopped to admire the shoes in the Family Shoe Store. One pair that particularly caught our eye was a pair of toast-colored pumps with little bows.

Lasslo Jewelry Store has a silver musical powder box in their window. It was the first one we had seen in a long time.

There is a cute rocking chair in Goad Hardware's window. It's a small green leather platform rocker.

Last week, we described a painting in Sherwin Williams' window. When we stopped there this week, we found the window changed. They have it filled with pictures all painted by one artist. Also there is a very good photograph by Hal Cooner titled, "The Artist."

We hope you enjoyed our visit to Main Street, Hazard in 1961 for some Window Shopping. Join us again next week. 1961

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