Monday, February 28

Dab Blame Middle Of The Night

My Granny, Aunt Nancy Ann Stacy (lovingly known as Aunt Noonie, cause us youngans couldn't say her name),and Uncle Matt had been fussing at her for not getting her "slop jar" under the bed properly and one early morning, snow was on the ground, our fire had died down, and I had to get up. I slept with Granny that night cause she has a feather bed. I jumped up unbeknowings that Granny had used her slop jar during the night and bless pete I socked my foot right into the dab blame middle of Granny's privy, turning it over, making one mess that I will never forget.

My heart flipped when Roscoe shared a memory of my Uncle Matt Horn, my best friend and mentor. I learned something about him I didn't know. I had no idea my Uncle Matt delivered or help deliver mail. Uncle Matt was a gem. I would sit on his knee in front of the hearth, snow would be falling outside and he would take me around the world, introduce me to places I would never see. That is where I received my early history and geography lessons. He would fill his old pipe (which I have now) and the smoke would curl and the smell of George Washington pipe tobacco would fill the room. There was never a worry there of second hand smoke but only the pleasant smell of that ripe tobacco. Second hand smoke was not a worry then and you know, everyone in my family blew that second hand smoke into the air, but so far I haven't felt any of the results they preach about. Oh, I know it is an enemy of our lungs but back then, was it purer or what?

I have great memories of Goad's and Davis Brothers in Hazard. I bought my horseshoes from Goad's Hardware and I loved new ones so I would save money and go in and buy new ones when the old ones were almost brand new. I sort of collected them you might say.

I looked everyday for Roscoe and Bill to add a new addition to their window. I remember so well the old relics that were "relics" back then and how I wish I had saved some of the old "relics" in our household in the 40's and 50's. I treasured our old piano stool until it broke rightin the middle and cracked so badly it could not be salvaged. I think I still have it though someone in the storage facility we call our "stow-a-way place".


  1. Here's a wonderful pic of Roscoe and Bill's store from I loved to go in their store and look at everything altho I don't think I ever bought a thing there. It was pure magic to just look.

    1. My memories are so vivid (I am now 79) and when one comes to mind I just sit down and write, it flows because I lived it, loved it, and precious memories are beyond measure. Does this help?