Tuesday, February 8

Mrs. Elizabeth Metcalf of 733 Oakhurst Avenue in Hazard is one of those kindly old ladies who make Boy Scouts feel they're proud to be Boy Scouts.

"Boy Scouts are wonderful," she says. Everyone should support them." Mrs. Metcalf told of last summer having some apple trees in her yard: one close enough to her house that some of the apples drop off onto her roof.

"I was worried about some of those apples rotting on my roof, but I am not capable of getting them down. I asked a couple of neighborhood boys if they would sweep the apples off if I would pay them and they refused. A few minutes later, about half a dozen Boy Scouts came by. I asked them to help and they got some brooms and climbed up on the house and swept the apples off. All they wanted in payment was one apple each to eat on their way up the mountain. I later called the mother of each one of those little boys to tell how proud they should be of their son. Its kids like that that make the Boy Scouts great, I think." 1971

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  1. Nowadays you'd probably get sued for letting a child go up on your roof. Life was so much simpler then.