Thursday, February 24

Have You Forgotten What Day This Is?

His name is Billy Blair Maggard, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Maggard. Billy asked me several times if I would come and see him get his diploma. It was the Kindergarten Graduating Class of the Good Counsel Church. Naturally, I told him I would be there. On the day of the event, he approached me again and said, "Ross, you haven't forgotten what day this is have you?" I said, "Yes, Billy, I am afraid I have." He went into detail to tell me all about it. His last words before he left were, "I know you are coming to see me get my diploma." What in the world is a man to do in a case such as this? I made up my mind to go. This we did, Greeba and I did go. Must say it was a very enjoyable evening, to see these little youngsters go through their program. The next day Billy came to tell me how much he appreciated us going to see him.

Folks, from now on, when one invites me to attend a program of this type, I will. Normally I brush it aside because he or she is a little tyke but this is an important event in their small life. I am afraid that we elders don't take our kids, our neighbors and others too seriously. I am afraid that we are too wrapped up in our own affairs to give the short time and attention to the youth of our area. 1961

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