Wednesday, February 23

Privy & Sears & Roebuck

I have known Ira Duff, an old timer down Chavies way, for many a moon. He has seen many more than I, therefore I respect his advice. He says our river needs cleaning up, such as cutting back the willows and other vegetation that almost overlaps in certain points up and down our streams. Ira says that in the days of bringing goods into the mountains by flat boats, they kept the brush cut back to keep the goods from being knocked off the boats. Now he says that with all this brush holding back the drift, it could suddenly break away and pile up behind a bridge, then the bridge will go out. Ira suggested we start a clean-up program from Jackson to Whitesburg. If we are to continue to want to put Eastern Kentucky on a tourist map, I say the streams must be cleaned up.

A timely suggestion was offered by Mrs. Allie Gorman. She suggests that we place permanent markers upon our highways to point out interesting spots for tourists. One in particular is in regard to the Daniel Boone rock up near Glomawr. There are many other such spots that will attract the attention of our section if the public is properly informed to where they are. I can recall Window Rock, Ball Knob and there are many others if the time was taken to point out these various scenic spots right in the vicinity of Hazard. Let's look ahead and plan for future happenings that could make us grow, instead of going backwards. Efforts must be made to make better times. Let's not sit idly by and pass up the chances of making progress.

I overheard a conversation a few days ago. They were typical old residents. One said he had only a privy with a Sears and Roebuck catalogue. He could see nothing wrong with it, only he didn't have running water. The other spoke up and said, "Old fellow, you don't know how well off you are. I haven't had a Sears catalogue for years. Neither do I have a privy. That patch of woods back of my house serves the job right well. The corn crib is on the way, cold nights - the slop jar is always handy." 1961

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