Friday, February 11

Did You Ever Walk Down Broadway?

Did you ever walk down Broadway in Hazard in the early morning before the sun has had half a chance to dispel the clouds? So early that the paper boy is still delivering the morning news and there is the brisk tinge of winter to the air. And the billboard movie notices that looked exciting and alluring the night before, by morning light seem pallid and dull. Have you ever walked that early down Broadway to the center of town?

After a while you can judge how early or late you are by where you meet the paper boy. If he's close to town, you're early, but if he's nearing Eversole Street, brother dash along! You can gauge the time by the house lights too or by the wizened black man that goes that way each day.

Did you ever notice people who walk to work in the mornings - how much more cheerful they are than those big old plutocrats who drive the Tin-Lizzie to a parking meter? Sometimes you begin as a grouch, but a few minutes of walking, noticing the hint of frost on the grass and the invigorating coolness in the air, and God in His heaven - all's right with the world. Then as you near town and really begin the descent, you see the glistening silver dome of the Methodist church that seems to say "Good morning, brother! God be with you this day!" And you go a little further and come upon the Presbyterian church, friendly and dignified. It almost pats you on the shoulder and nods benignly, "Go, my son - but think of us."

Finally you pass the Telephone Company on High Street and a few more steps and the wonderfulness of the early morn is smothered by the stirring wheels of commerce that go forth to do battle for the dollar.

But say, did YOU ever walk down Broadway in the early morning? 1945


  1. That would be a nice walk and, actually, you can still do it today. I'm grateful for that. This is from 1945. You can tell how times have changed because I don't think an article in the local paper today would contain the words "wizened", "plutocrats" or "benignly".

  2. Thanks for taking me back. Can we go again sometime?

  3. Who says you can' go back