Monday, February 21

That Great Divide

On not too long a trip, so many things happened in my own neighborhood, the passing of a very dear friend, Farmer Brashear, a school mate & a team mate on both basketball and football teams at Hazard High School. Farmer was a great athlete, he gave his all in his school work as he had done in the business world. He was devoted to his family & was interested in the welfare of our area. When in school he worked as a team mate fast of foot. So many youngsters today have profited from the advice he has offered. He looked forward each year to taking his kids or others to the Kentucky High School Tournament. Folks, it is hard to come back home to learn of such a friend that has crossed that great divide. To me I have no fear for Farmer. He lived the life that we all need to, faithful to his community, to his family, to his work. I don't know what other assets a man could have.

While sitting on a stool at Don's, drinking coffee, Mark Baker, an old school chum of mine, was talking about various things. We discussed the passing of Farmer Brashear and our school days together. Mark related to me his sojourn in Florida, that he lived across the street from a family almost a year before he found out their name. This I have found from so many of our people that have moved away to try and live and make a living. To me, a dissatisfied mind is hard to overcome, after you have been use to friendly and understanding people. Mark is now running a business in the Walkertown area of our city. I believe that he has come home to where he can say hello to his neighbor across the street without making him mad. 1961


  1. Wonder what Roscoe would have said if he had known that 50 years later his words would still be read and enjoyed by so many people on something called the internet?

  2. I think he would be thrilled.