Saturday, May 16

Didja' Ever

Didja' ever watch the train go by and listen to its lonesome whine? Then, become lost in a fantasy world and travel far away in your mind?

Didja' ever set on the courthouse square when you were just a boy and dodge the baccy and cedar shavings, now wan't that a joy?

Didja' ever sneak out back of the barn with a corn shuck in your pocket and smoke till you were blue in the face, if'n you ain't please don't knock it.

Didja' ever set on the old creek bank with a can of worms aside you, holding that cane pole real tight lest you got a bite or two?

Didja' ever walk an old rail tressle that ran across the river below, looking down all the while lest into the water you would go?

Well, I hope these little lines bring back memories of yore' cause I'm aimin to write another'n, would you read one more?


  1. yup ,,,i will keep a reading
    charlie`s boy

  2. I've done at least 2 of those things. That's the best thing about east KY. The good things of the past tend to stick around awhile. :)