Saturday, May 23

Ship Shape

I have been house cleaning, gardening, working with flowers. You see, my wife has been gone almost two months. I have been trying to get everything in ship shape when she gets home. This I have never had to do before. Boys, I sure hope that you never have to go through it. This is the season of the year when our good women look forward to all this fixing up. This has been the first spring that I have not had one along to tell me just what to do. Sometimes I wonder about other countries that allows a man to have as many wives as he thinks he will need. I sure could have used many on the job that I have been on, provided they could have offered the advice in regard to what should be done, that is the only one that I have. I am looking for her back most any day. Boys, what would you do if you had a dozen or so? I am afraid I would be looking for a hole in the ground to crawl in. 1958

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