Sunday, May 31

Watching The Radio

"School's out, Matt, turn the radio dial to Idy's programs, for she'll bust through the door any minute now."

"I'm home, had a good day at school, smell supper, and it's time for "The Shadow". "See, Granny, hear the screaking door, don't talk now, just listen and we'll watch The Shadow, fill your pipe now and don't talk to me, okay, I am ready to take on Cranston." "Idy, you would sot thar til night fall watching that radio and the scary sounds don't seem to bother you a-tall."

"Shet that thang off and let me tell you some tales that is worth sumpthin'. Unwind your legs now a-fore they fall off." "Shhh, Granny, he's on the prowl now, and then I gotta watch more one or two more, maybe, Amos & Andy, Duffy's Tavern, Fibber McGee and Molly, George Burns and Gracie Allen; I'll take my supper right here in the floor if'n you don't mind, Auntie."

"Bless your soul, child, what are we going to do with you?" "I suppose it won't hurt you none for it hasn't yet." "Stand up now and agin so's your legs won't lose their strength and you'll fall flat once your watching that radio is over the evening."

"Well, here is Jimmy Davis singing, "Come Home It's Supper Time. I reckon I need to pick up the books now, clear my head of the fantasies I dreamed up, and get down to studying." "After all, tomorrow's a new day and more chapters to watch, more mysteries to untangle, and more dreams to ponder." "Granny, come tell me a tale."

We would turn on the radio, and group up and sit and "watch" it. We did not just listen to our radio but every voice we heard we put a face with that voice and myself I had a special place where I would sit Indian style as near the speaker as I could get. I would sit for hours, especially when certain programs were on in the evening after school. In fact, I can remember, "where is Idy?" The answer sounded, "She's watching the radio". That seemed to be what we were doing, listening and watching even before shapes took place in front of us. "Supper's ready, Idy, the radio will be right there when you finish, it will go nowhere, believe me."


  1. In the winter months I crawled in the bed after church on Sunday and listened to The Shadow. William Hall, our band director, required us on weekends for homework to listen to a classical music station on Sunday afternoon radio also. We complained about it, but without meaning to, gained some appreciation of classical music. Sometimes I went to sleep, but even now, I like to listen to the classical music selections Mr. Hall made us listen to for week-end homework.

  2. This Hazard blog is great. I'm walking downtown remembering with Ila Lee all the old places in my heart's memory. I'm sitting in the Sweete Shop with my friends. I'm going to the movies at the Virginia and Family. I'm jumping from the high dive into the Bobby Davis Memorial pool. I'm watching the parades pass by. Thanks so much.