Friday, May 8

Sam Ward, former Perry Circuit Judge, tells a good one about a young fellow that lived in Mexico by the name of Jose. He had a life-time ambition to come to the U.S. to see a big league baseball game. He saved his money and finally made it. The gate keeper told him on arrival that all the seats were sold out. Jose explained how hard he had worked to get there to see a game. Finally the gate keeper told him he would let him in if he would go climb the flag pole. Jose did this very thing. On going back to his native land everyone asked him what he thought of the game and the U.S. He said. "finest place I ever was in, I was treated swell, they even stood up and played and sung a song for me, Jose can you see."1962

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  1. God love Pap Ward, they broke the mold, and there was never a time that I can recall that he didn't have one of these tales to relate.