Tuesday, May 5


Back in the early thirties we were given what was supposed to be a cat out of this world from his back ground, believe they called it a Maltese or something like that. Anyway we brought it home from the other end of the state. It was a pretty cat with long fur and it got dirty. One morning my good wife said that cat needs a bath. If you haven't had this experience you have missed something. I started out very gently putting a little water on it and soaping it up. That did alright, but when I soused him in the tub that was a caution to look at as well as me. That cat was all over me before I knew it. I was scratched all over, it came out of that tub climbed up my breeches leg and was on top of my head before you could say Jack Robinson. It was running through the house like something mad. I opened the door, that cat found it and I never heard of it again. Can't say I was sorry. Several days after that, people would say, Roscoe what in the world did that to you. If you think they can't ... just try it sometime. Since then my time for cats has been very limited. 1961

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