Wednesday, May 20

Taxi Cab

Luther Newberry was a long time operator of the taxi cab business in our area. Even before we had any roads whatsoever, Luther was hauling people into our town to trade. Many people in the out lying sections of Perry County depended upon him for transportation into Hazard. He had regular customers on certain days to come to town. I often wonder if we realize just what goes into making our city what it is. Years ago, before there were any school buses, Luther hauled many of a kid to his education over all kinds of roads and weather.

Not long ago Mrs. Anna Lasslo, Juluis’s mother, asked me how I was feeling. I replied “about half and half.” She says, “how is that?” I told her “it was just so so.” She says, “how is that?” I replied, “betwixt and between.” I explained to her that in other words I was not bad or not too good. I would say I’m rocking along on an even keel.

What’s For Supper?
A mess of sallet peas is hard to beat along with a little Polk Sallet mixed with some mustard, green onions, lettuce, and of course with a little or big piece of salt bacon pitched in. There’s nothing like eating out of the garden at this season of the year, even if you don’t raise it yourself. I can recall sallet peas when I was a boy. I had to help carry brush and sticks for them to vine upon. Boys today never heard of this around town. Also in the country, the boys don’t carry on the work around the place as we who grew up in my boyhood days. We have gone through a series of changing times and traditions. We have to keep looking ahead but that won’t keep us from thinking of the days in the past. 1957

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  1. Roscoe, you sure stir up a feller's longing for some country grub!!!Just add a glass of cold buttermilk and a piece of cornbread smothered in white "cow" butter. That would make you feel "fair-to-middling".