Monday, May 25

This being Memorial Day many of you are planning to visit your respective cemeteries to pay respects to loved ones that have passed on. To me, this is one of our National Holidays that carries a lot of thought and respect for the dead. I think that it should be observed more so than what it is. No doubt many of you will pay this respect to the ones that have passed and maybe you will say to yourself, “This I could have done more easily during his or her lifetime.” We all must face the same road regardless of who you are in your community, or how much money you had, how fine a home or farm you had. These things you do not take along when the master calls you. May this Memorial Day start a lot of us thinking along the lines of what was set aside a day called Memorial Day.I wonder how many of us really think of May 25th as the day it should be considered. You will notice many stores that will sell decorations for the graves of loved ones, yes beloved ones that have not been forgotten, for the ones that have been left behind. To all of you on this Memorial Day I wish to share part of the burden that you are going through. Many of you have traveled many miles to pay your respects to your deceased. I am sure that you will head home to your present abode with a satisfied mind that you did all you could do. You people that have traveled so far are to be commended for thinking of this date, to come home to pay the tributes of flowers and etc. Yes, to the loved ones that you had cherished so much. On your way home I would say use extreme care in driving regardless of what distance you might have. Just remember your right-of-way of a yellow line doesn’t always excuse you of a fatal accident. Drive with care. 1957

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