Sunday, May 10

We wanted to post a photo of Kathy Maggard Vanderpool for viewers of this blog. Last month many of you enjoyed her memories of the 1957 flood.

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Today's funfact: A boy was born at the Hazard Hospital February 28, 1942. This was nothing unusual in itself, but the fact that his parents, Lt. and Mrs. John C. Gilmer, who lived in California, traveled between two and three thousand miles in order that their son might be a Kentuckian was unusual. Lt. Gilmer was a former resident of Letcher County. The trip back home was made at the insistence of Mrs. Gilmer, who although not a Kentuckian herself, insisted that her son should be.


  1. I appreciate your posting a picture of Kathryn Maggard. Now I can put her face to the words she so patiently wrote in a time when she was watching all around her come under the angry waters of the North Fork. She captured the moment and by doing that she gave us our moment to relive with her, after she was gone, the flood scenes of 1957. She looks so peaceful and I feel that she is at peace. Thank you for posting this picture because I never knew this young lady, but I feel now that I do. I hope many will begin to post their memories with you.

  2. It makes it so much more personal to be able to actually see a picture of the person who wrote their memories and thoughts of such a horrific time.