Saturday, May 2

Mountain Expression

The other day I heard an expression I hadn’t heard since I was a kid. A lady said, “they were sorry as kuarn.” Maybe some of you might say “karn.” Regardless of how it spells, I would say one thing, it sure smells bad. I can recall as a boy when my brother and I would bring one of our dogs into the house. Our mother would say, “get him out of here. He has been wallering in kuarn.” Of course we knew the dog had found something dead that he had gotten himself into. You old time possum hunters will no doubt have had the same experience.

Boys, one of our youngest fisherman I have learned about is none other than little Bruce Duncan, 2 and a half years old. He journeyed with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Joe Duncan of Hazard Drug to Lake Cumberland. They reported no fish caught due to the rain. They felt sure that little Bruce was going to make a real fisherman by the way he played with the minnows in the bucket.

Little Richard Blount in age, but not in size, because Richard is somewhere in weight up close to the 150 pound mark. Richard entered the 7th grade this year, after the first three weeks of school he came in one day and told his mother, Mollie, “It looks pretty tough this year, do you think we can pass it?” Mollie states that she doubts very much is she will be able to graduate. Yes, Mollie times are changing every year. It has been a long time since we entered the 7th grade. I dare say that the 7th graders today now more than we did when we got through high school. I say you must have a lot of patience and prayer. 1957

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  1. Roscoe talks about dogs rolling in something dead. Does anyone know why they do this? I've heard they do it to "advertise" what they have found to other members of the pack. Anyone else have any thoughts on this.