Sunday, May 24

Preacher Jim Dixon

A successful merchant who operated a supermarket in Perry County, began making his livelihood at the age of 15 as an ox-team driver earning 21 cents a day. Preacher Jim Dixon with the help of his good wife, Manda came to success the hard way. Born January 16, 1893 near Cumberland, Jim came from a very large family. As was the case with many large families in the late 1800’s, Jim had little schooling, finishing just one term. In 1909, when he was barely sixteen, he married Manda, who was seventeen, and they began housekeeping in their neighborhood of Typo. Their household goods were almost entirely homemade and could easily have been moved at one time in a one-horse sled. Before his marriage, he worked in Letcher County as an ox-team driver. After his marriage he was fortunate to secure a much better job paying $1.10 a day or 11 cents an hour. He was employed as section worker on the L & N Railroad and eventually became the assistant foreman. Later he worked in the mines as a coal loader, remaining there for 25 years during which time he saved enough money to buy a second-hand shoe shop at Cornett Hill and a little grist mill in the same area. In the meantime, Jim had became an ardent Christian. In his profound faith he believed the scriptures words – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” He opened a grocery store at Vicco and again his venture was successful but he felt so strongly a call to the ministry that he began to preach. He served as pastor of the Church of God in various towns from Hazard to Ashland. His wife, Manda, did her part because it was she who taught him to read and write and helped him to become one of Perry County’s most successful businessmen.

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