Thursday, May 7

How many of you have seen a country store located near a public school? I mean a store of this type located right in the heart of your town? If you haven’t visited Mrs. Laura Turner’s store in Walkertown you have missed something. It is hard to believe how she manages to take care of all the kids at recess and lunch time. Many mothers and fathers that have kids going to this school should come down someday and see how well Mrs. Turner looks after your kids. It is just like an old fashioned store of years ago. Can you remember the neighborhood store close to the school you went to? I can. I can see John G. Combs today as he waited on us kid those many years ago. I believe that old time atmosphere of a merchant like this does something for a child. Mrs. Turner knows them all by their names. She calls on them if they get a little loud, and what else a kid does when he is hungry and wants a soda pop. 1960 Photo of Laura Turner's store today. Turner sign


  1. I also remember a great little store that sat on the corner of Broadway and Eversole (or it could have been Broadway and Newland Street for it sat at the top of Newland). It was owned and operated by Gyp and Wallace Campbell. It was near HBI and Lower Broadway and was famous for Gyp's hot dogs that she put together by the dozens for the children of HBI and Lower Broadway. I don't think she ever run out of hot dogs because she wanted to make sure everyone that came through that door left with one of her special treats. The kids waited patiently in line, but would run from HBI across the street, pushing and shoving to get to be first through the door but once inside they knew Gyp would serve them when it came their turn.

    How do I rate this little place on the corner, A-1 Plus for this is where my lunch came from each day when I was working at the Courthouse. I would hastily make sure that I had time out with my youngans and we would catch up on their mornings at school while eating Gyp's delicious hot dogs, potato chips and a "pop". Some days my Mom would have to go, pick them up and bring them home so we could eat and the kids get back to school and me back down the hill to the Courthouse. Their little store was always busy and about lunch time the aroma coming from that place made a feller's stomach growl out loud, yummy, yummy, and they are long gone but I know there are many out there that ate one of Gyp's hot dogs during the school days at HBI.

  2. Mrs. Turner's store sure brings back the memories. It was an icon for all the students who went to Walkertown Elementary. Before school, recess, lunch and after school if you had any money was the absolute best place to get a pop, candy bar and chips. I remember the old pot-belly stove that kept it warm in the winter and her cats that she had running around. She had chestnut trees in the backyard and seems like she had a couple of collie dogs. Mrs. Turner is gone now but she will always live on in the fond memories of the countless number of school children who entered her little corner store over the years. Thank you Laura Turner for being there for us whenever we wanted a bottle of pop or a candy bar or just a place to hang out.

  3. Rhonda Owens SheltonMay 10, 2009 at 3:20 PM

    I would stop in at Laura Turners store after school for a candy bar and bottle of pop. A wonderful memory.