Monday, July 6

Appropriate Name

All was not well at WKIC today. WKIC's transmitting tower is located high upon Town Mountain in Hazard, some 16 or 17 hundred feet above sea level. Guarding this mountain top is a dog called "FM" that came to the site while the tower was being constructed in 1958. Since WKIC at that time was installing it's new FM broadcast equipment (WSGS) the staff and management of the radio station took in the homeless dog and decided "FM" would be the appropriate name for her. "FM" is a black Cocker Spaniel and has been true and loyal as a watch on the lonely mountain top. A small dog house was constructed for her with insulating materials and all in the wall. Broughton Construction Company constructed the building for "FM" and she has been living there alone now for several months. The radio station employees take their turn in seeing to it that "FM" is fed and watered once each day even though it sometimes requires a special trip to the mountain top for that purpose only.

Late this afternoon, WKIC's Chief Engineer - Doug Slough noticed "FM" wasn't at the gate to greet him upon his arrival at the tower site. A search was made and "FM" was found in a thickly wooded area, under a log cuddled with seven little black puppies. A slanted hole had been dug downward into the ground, under the log, causing the puppies to roll under their mother and five of the little fellows had suffocated. Chief Engineer Slough carried the two remaining pups and their mother to the new home that had been prepared for them. He placed them in a cozy spot at the base of WKIC's 300 foot transmitting tower. So the mother and her two pups are doing fine. If you happen to hear the cries of a puppy on your radio loud speaker, you'll know where they're coming from. 1959

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