Friday, July 24

Hard Tail Or Horse

Elihu Reynolds use to run a Country Store at Buckhorn, Ky., when I was a student at Witherspoon College in Buckhorn. Those are days that will never come back to the generation of this date. I can recall buying candy at Elihu's place. He also had the Post Office where we looked forward to our mail. I only wish that I had taken the time to have gotten a picture of Elihu's place those many years ago. Those were the days when you couldn't get a car near Buckhorn. The only transportation was by a hard tail or a horse. A hard tail was a fine farm mule, which there were many in that day.

I can recall the days as a teenager when I used to attend a party now and then in Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Rose's home. I was somewhat of the stand off type kid about dancing. The Rose's daughter, Elizabeth "Diz" Cloyd, did her best to teach me how. 1969

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  1. This is so cool. Elihu Reynolds is my great grandfather. He died before I was born, but his name lives on in my son, Elihu.