Sunday, July 5

Old Relics

On display in the front plate glass window of Davis Brothers Kenyon Auto Store in Hazard are several old relics, such as a frow that was brought in by Tug Fields over Big Creek way, an old fashion shoe last, iron kettle and etc. I really didn't realize that it meant so much to people. One tea kettle I could have sold many times. All this brings back memories of the days of our forefathers. To all you people that reside in our mountains, I was thinking since so much interest had been shown by such a small amount of items, just think what a museum would mean, not only to our people but to the tourist. I am confident that here in Perry and surrounding counties that there is enough left to make one of the best tourist attractions anywhere. This is something to think about if you are interested in the welfare of Eastern Kentucky. Civic clubs should start making plans to give the tourist trade something to look forward to. Folks, it is coming as soon as our roads are bettered. I predict that you are going to see them get better. Eastern Kentucky is on the move. 1958


  1. What a great pic. Wish I could shop there now!

  2. Oh how I loved to wander through the aisles at your store Mr Davis! I loved the smell as much as anything. All those interesting gadgets and implements.... And you all were so friendly!
    I never bought anything (I was just a little girl escaping the boredom of my parents shoe store next door), but I loved to come through and stare at it all!!! What a cool place your store was... I wish I had taken some photos then.
    Thank you, Loretta Kawaja

  3. My grandfather Bill Davis was co-owner with Uncle Roscoe of this awesome store. I remember as a little girl going to work with Papa and "working" with him. The store was amazing and so many stories that I will never forget. A fire took the store years ago and both my grandfather and Uncle have long been gone. These are such happy memories for me...