Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th Of July

Mrs. Bartle Melton says that she recalls the days when she visited Hazard once a year, which was on the Fourth of July when they held a big picnic up around Cedar Craig. Well, I remember those days. Mrs. Melton says at that time she lived over on Big Willard Creek. When this season of the year rolled around she usually rode to town on a horse. The crowd she was with always made it a point to ride the train back down Yerkes way. She admits times have changed somewhat. Now she wonders how mothers with large families managed, such as ironing the clothes with a flat iron, yes, heated on a four cap coal stove. Not counting the many meals that were fixed on it, to cook a pot of beans was an all-day ordeal.

Mrs. Melton, I think along the same lines as you, people were happy and content, not too many worries, such as taxes. All they needed was some salt, pepper, sugar, coffee and flour. The winter was made if they had these items. As you say, modern times, modern cookers such as the pressure cooker makes a lot of ornery cusses. Of course time marches on, soon we will be on the moon. 1958

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  1. Hey Roscoe, I know you miss those good ole days, 20's, 30's, 40's but here it is 1958, and hold on a minute, cause you know, I just got to thinking, one of the days in the future maybe they will get to the moon, but whether or not, I betcha our 50's will one day be known as "the good ole days", do you reckon?