Friday, July 3

Guess You Might As Well Know ...

My Dad, Howard, and his sister, Laura, were two of the early telephone operators. I think I was very young then. Auntie would get the biggest kick out of telling about a man in Jenkins who fell in love with my Dad's voice, thought he was a girl, and sent him flowers. After that, she said if a gentleman caller got sort of "frisky" Dad would use his girlie voice to prank with him and then at the end of the conversation it was "Guess you might as well know, my name is Howard, not so and so (he used some girlie name).

Shorty Combs had one of the best skating rinks that ever was. It was in the area of the old Coca Cola building and right on the river bank. I guess you might say I spent a lot of time there and my dad and I learned to dance on skates and we could do the dip, the waltz, the jitterbug, all the dances of that day on skates, sort of what they do now on ice.

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