Friday, July 10

Welcome to Hazard. You’ll find the people of our community as gracious and as friendly as those anywhere in Kentucky. During your free hours, may we suggest you tour Peter’s Peak, a subdivision carved from the side of the mountain. For those of you from Central and Western Kentucky, you’ll find this one of the most unusual housing developments within the state. And atop Peter’s Peak, there is the luxury motel, La Citadelle, one of the most publicized, half million dollar tourist ventures within Kentucky. And throughout this community, you will find new housing, new business buildings – almost all directly or indirectly the net results of the devastating flood which struck here in 1957. Along Main Street, you’ll find much the same assortment of businesses you, your families and friends own, work in, and manage in your own hometown. We are sure you’ll find Hazard a “nice place visit, and an even better place to live.” 1959

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