Friday, July 17

The "Popcorn Stand" was attached to the Major Store building in the alley between Major's and Sterling Hardware. It was owned by Francis Blevins, stepfather of Lettie Craft Steel. "Gramp", as he was called, worked for Home Lumber Company but was often at the stand. A woman named Ada Dison worked there along with a small crippled man, Amos "Red" Barker. The stand was a joy to the young but a nuisance to the teamsters, like the Sterling Hardware Company whose vehicles often scraped the building walls, doing damage. One day, the boxes behind the stand caught on fire and Gwyn Hayden, of Sterling, put it out. A. M. Durbin stood by and said, "Gwyn, you didn't give it a fair chance."

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  1. When I read this post by Nell Harper, I could readily smell the popcorn and see that little stand that I know many of us will remember. I couldn't pass it up no matter how hard I tried. This brought back more tender moments from my days of growing up in Hazard.