Sunday, July 12

Playground of the Mountains

If you haven't traveled across the newly blacktopped Town Mountain Road, then by all means do so. It's a real treat to drive over a curving, mountainous road that is smooth as silk and wide enough for comfortable safe travel. That's the way you'll find Town Mountain just now after you cross the railroad tracks and small creek bridge near the depot. The going is a bit rough at that particular spot but the city is making plans to try and remedy the situation. The low load limit bridges at either access to the road will be prohibitive to heavy haulers if State Police enforce load limits and that should keep the blacktop in good condition for years to come. It represents five miles of distance saved for traffic into or out of Hazard via Kentucky 80. The junction with KY 80 would provide an excellent spot for a "Save 5 Miles This Way To Hazard - Shopping Center of Eastern Kentucky" sign courtesy of Hazard Merchants. The road affords some of the most spectacular views in the mountains and has unlimited possibilities for development of roadside parks, motels or drive-in restaurants. It could easily be developed into the playground of the mountains. 1961


  1. That's interesting. I didn't know that Town Mountain wasn't paved until 1961. It's so hard to imagine what it was like around here before certain roads were built and how people got to Lexington or London using the old roads.

  2. Interesting it says: "the going is a bit rough after you cross the railroad tracks but the city is making plans to try and remedy the situation." 48 years later and there still is no remedy for the situation. The major dips after the tracks have been jarring families for nearly 5 decades.

  3. The original way to Lexington from Hazard was on old Route 15. 144 miles.
    It went to Jackson, Campton, and Winchester. A very crooked road all the way.
    Around a 4 hour drive.