Wednesday, July 1

Perry County's own Bobby Davis Park opened on July 1st 1946. Let’s take an imaginary tour of the place…but instead of turning directly into the library, let us walk down the stone steps to the Reflection Pool to see the heart of the Bobby Davis Park…the Memorial. Plaques at either end of the pool read “May Time Never Erase the Memory of the Perry County boys who were killed in action in World War II. “ Around the stone wall surrounding the pool are bronze plaques in memory of the Perry County boys who were killed in action in World War II. Individual plaques bear the name of each boy and the country where he lost his life. A more fitting memorial cannot be imagined. The quiet and the simplicity are overwhelming. Re-tracing our steps back to the entrance level, we find Bobby Davis Memorial Library which was donated by Mr. And Mrs. L. O. Davis in memory of their son, Robert Oren Davis, who was killed in German July 13, 1945. Their donation was like a dream come true because for years, interested Perry Countians had met to discuss ways of securing a Library for our area.

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  1. I was almost 13 years of age when I first walked down those stone steps to read the plaques. Your adjectives are my sentiments exactly, quiet and simplicity. Through the years I made good use of the Library, and I am almost sure I was there every day. I donated books later and I remember the first one I donated was "Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates", one of the favorites of my youth. My donated books, along with others went up in smoke when the Library was destroyed by fire I am sure.

    So, thanks, Wanderer for letting me retrace these steps with you this a.m. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to walk over these grounds many times and remember with pride the names I read and as I older grew knew the boys whose names were written in bronze died so I could continue my walk around the Bobby Davis Memorial Park. God Bless America!!!!!