Saturday, July 11

Welcome Home

For those of you who have recently returned to your home in Hazard to visit friends and family, we welcome you. Good to see so many of your faces once again. Many of you have been gone so long, I had forgotten your names but never a face.

You may have already noticed many of our older native boys and gals moving around a little more pert than usual, such as White Jim Combs, Jim Fields, some call him bean pole, I reckon because he can walk most any ordinary fellow down I have heard, ask Cushaw Couch. I think Charlie Robinson, Jim Cole are doing alright. They have big smiles on their faces everyday. Jim Lunce, Roy Baker, Budge Tony, and Arthur Bailey seems to have made it O.K. They are all ready to start fishing or whittling again. It is hard for them to make up their minds. Former Perry Circuit Judge Sam Ward seems to be doing right well. He was in my store on Main Street a couple of times, always had a good joke to tell.

One of these days before long I hope to see an oldtimers day or night, it won't make any difference, unless some of you have regular sleeping habits. Yes, you ladies will be invited to. I will not mention any names at this time unless I can get your consent to tell your ages. You think it over, let me hear from you. This might be the thing we need to do here. I am no spring chicken, don't claim to be one. I'm past that half century mark, you have a lot to be thankful for. Also, you have a lot to look forward to if you take care of yourself. 1962

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