Monday, July 13

When we were little Mom would give us a spoonful of some foul tasting concoction that she swore by to cure all. It was given to us in the Spring and then in the Fall. To this day, I do not know what was in it but we screamed and kicked and then she would hold our noses until we swallowed it. I still swear that it contained turpentine...hee hee hee. Granny would laugh at us and tell us that when she was a child that every year when Spring rolled around her mother would get busy in the kitchen, humming along as she stirred and prepared her "brew" to make sure her children would receive the best medicine she could possibly make out of the herbs she had carefully chosen for their medicinal value. She proudly called it her "Spring Tonic". Granny said they were seated in a row at the table and here would come their Mother with a bowl and a spoon and she would counsel each of them, "Open up, drink fast, don't spit it out,good for you, youngans, good for you." She said they were not jumping for joy at the "potion" Mom as holding in the bowl and they all sat there grimacing at what they were about to consume.She said, "I reckon she knew what she was doing cause here I sit 92 years old telling you about her "spring tonic". I can't say what Ruby is putting in her "potion" but my mother would take sulphur and mix it thoroughly with molasses, put it in a bowl, take a big spoon and when it came our turn we knew better than turn our heads away. After the last youngan swallowed his or her spoonful, she would pat us all lovingly and say, "Good youngans, good fer you, and that is all now until next Spring, now run along and play." We couldn't wait to run around behind the house where the peppermint was growing and cram a few leaves of that beautiful plant into our mouths which would rid us of the bad taste of that "spring tonic".

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